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Gastroparesis Treatment

Bonus, Menstruation returns! I am sick with a condition called Gastroparesis. In other words my bowel is paralyzed. Besides having an upset stomach,  nausea and vomiting all the time, my body was really aching and I was not having regular menstrual periods. The doctors didn’t know how to help me except to do surgery and divert my digestion to a bag. They blamed it on my age-since I’m 39 years old. After doing Reboot for 30 days, food is beginning to move through me again. I now get my period regularly and more comfortably. My body is feeling gradually better and...

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Hashimotos Thyroiditis Relief

Unwanted Weight Gain, Joint Pain, Depression My sister introduced me to your starter kit 4 years ago. I have struggled with weight gain, pain, mood swings and memory issues for years. I have tried diets and exercise to no avail. I did your program with great success.  I lost 35 lbs and was feeling great but got derailed after the first 2 months. Never truly redid the full program. My weight stayed off until this last year. My symptoms have escalated and I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. However the medications the doctor put me on made me crazy....

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Chronic Knee Pain Gone

Chronic Knee Pain Gone    Hey, hey, hey! Hey, everyone, I’m Roy and I just want to say I love Tumtree products. Thank you so much, Miss Jonell, for all that you’re doing and for the creative and awesome work you’re doing over there. All the other programs that I was on said I couldn’t eat, don’t eat and you will feel better. With this program, Miss Jonell developed meal plans and food you can eat. And I just feel so much better. I was performing during the time of my awful gut issues and the main symptom I kept feeling...

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The Hidden Cause of Your Chronic Anxiety, Bloating, Pain and Fatigue

This is actually brilliant. A broad array of uncomfortable symptoms from bloating and gas, to joint pain, inflamed skin, headaches, depression, anxiety, brainfog and fatigue all stem from a gut that’s become too permeable. Doctor Carol Petherbridge in Klamath Falls Oregon has been helping her patients win the day over gut linked disease for years with The Reboot Protocol TM from Tumtree. "What's impressive to me is, I've been a Naturopathic Physician for 30 years and Naturopaths have always talked about "your health begins in your gut." That's been our mantra for years. It's always been a part of the...

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