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Depression, Anxiety, Diarrhea and Extreme Weight Loss

Unwanted weightloss... I began experiencing severe stomach issues while serving an LDS mission in France. I lost 40 pounds in a period of 6 weeks because of constant diarrhea and nausea. It became so severe that the decision was made for me to return home to the United States to seek further treatment. Suffering from severe anxiety, depression and insomnia only caused my symptoms to get worse. I lost another 5 pounds. My total weight loss was 45 pounds. Upon returning home I visited multiple doctors who all gave differing opinions as to what the problem could be. Gluten allergy,...

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Chronic Cold Sores (herpes virus), Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety, Depression, Autoimmune Disease I have had problems with yeast probably since I was a young girl. I had frequent cases of strep throat which were treated with antibiotics. I used to get frequent cold sores, worse than anyone else in my family. I got them on my lips, nose, chin and even forehead. As I got older and into high school I developed an autoimmune disease. In high school I also struggled with anxiety and depression, fluctuations in my mood, poor sleep, brain fog and more symptoms that I never knew could be associated with yeast. Since doing the...

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Healing Food Sensitivity, Anxiety and Depression

I Highly Recommend Reboot   Hi, my name is Mallory Griffin and I am a foot zoner, energy healer and yoga teacher and I love the Reboot cleanse. I recommend it to all of my friends and family and all of my clients. I used it about two years ago when I found out I had some candida that caused me a lot of problems. So I used it and followed the guidelines exactly and it changed my life. Not just with my food sensitivities, but with my anxiety, depression and brain fog and a bunch of other issues. Like...

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Jonell Francis

Not as Anxious and Losing Weight

After 30 days I'm doing so much better! One month into my Reboot and I am doing so much better! I’m down to my pre-pregnancy weight that I was worried would never come off 🙂 Also, my energy is up and I’m not as anxious as I used to be. I didn’t even realize I was so worried about mundane things (like a clean house) all the time. Thank you so much for your help. I am so appreciative. I cannot wait to see what another month does for me! Nicole Bunker Murray, Herriman, UT

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