Step Medicating Fevers

Treat UTI without Antibiotics.


Hi, my name's Krista and I wanna tell you about my experience with my 3 yr old daughter who had a UTI. I took her into the doctor, they checked her urine, they tested her for COVID.  She had a fever that lasted for almost 5 days total.

When I took her in, they didn't know what it was. They didn't feel comfortable putting her on antibiotics yet and so they cultured her urine and we were waiting on that coming back.

After 4 days of fever I contacted Tumtree and asked what they'd do in this situation.  And they recommended doing the Body Balance Liquid and Exodus.  So, I ended up giving my 3 yr old Body Balance 2 times a day.  And a half scoop of Exodus twice a day.

Within 24 hours her fever had broken. She'd been 102 to 103 for 4 days.  On Day 6 our doctor called and said she had a UTI with E.Coli.   But she was doing great now, acting completely normal.  No need for antibiotics at that point.  

So Tumtree's Body Balance and Exodus completely cleared my 3 year old of E.coli bacteria in her urine. And the doctor was surprised that she was doing so well. 

Thank you to Tumtree for your amazing products, and to Jonell for all of your help and advice! 

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