Reviews — nausea/vomiting

Jonell Francis

Morning Sickness Gone

Works Great for Morning Sickness I’ve really liked using Exodus during my last two pregnancies. It worked great for morning sickness during the first trimester, and helped me stay regular in the last trimester when everything seems to slow down a bit. I recommend it. Marnie S. Provo UT

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Soaks up nausea in 5 minutes

Treat Morning Sickness/Nausea Naturally I use Exodus to soak up nausea in 5 minutes. My mom told me about Exodus for morning sickness. It works! I also use it from time to time for constipation as my pregnancy got further along. It is awesome stuff, and safe for pregnancy so I feel comfortable recommending it. Brittney H. St. Kitts Carribean

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Good for Foreign Travel!

Knock Out Tropical Disease I used the Reboot system during my stay in tropical Fortaleza, Brazil. I’d been warned about the quality of water and food I’d be consuming and several times I felt symptoms of intestinal bugs, but Reboot kicked it out, almost always in less than a day. A few of my friends, after seeing my results began using it too. Exodus is an apple cinnamon fiber drink that you mix with juice or water. It tastes a little gritty – but it sure beats feeling sick. And it soon became more valuable than gold, because a couple...

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Severe Morning Sickness

I have severe morning sickness during my pregnancies and have tried everything from prescription medications to natural remedies. Nothing worked. My sister-in-law suggested using Exodus GI Cleanser. Because of the success she had I decided to give it a try. Literally within minutes I felt a difference and the nausea almost completely subsided. I love it and have used it everyday since. My only regret is that I didn’t have Exodus for my last three pregnancies! P.S. my husband uses it everyday too to keep him regular. Kilee H. Orem, UT

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