Jonell West Francis, Founder Tumtree Health   

Hi friend,

You're probably here because you're hoping to find something you've lost... your youthful glow, your natural energy, your trust that this universe has more good in store for you and perhaps your hope that there really is an answer to all the crummy pain and inflammation you've been experiencing. 

Well, you've come to the right place!  I'm an expert in Leaky Gut Syndrome (basically the root of all inflammatory conditions), a nerd when it comes to the science of feeling fabulous, and obsessed with guiding women (and those they love) back to vibrant health from wherever they are now.

As a mom of many, I’m known for turning tight corners, burning through blenders and overfilling the washing machine.  But as a professional Health Coach, I have a deep respect and understanding of the body's immune system and blueprint for healing, especially from allergies and autoimmune disease.

I can teach you to lean into your own intuition, trust your gut AND embrace crazy beautiful life however it shows up.  Best of all, I’ll show you my secrets for securing sustainable wellness for yourself and your family.


The Happy Gut Company, Tumtree Health

Tumtree Health exists because too many millions of people are crippled by stomachaches, bloating, brain fog, joint pain and fatigue. And we have a simple blueprint for all of it.

Our mission at Tumtree is to help the world, one leaky gut at a time. And if today is your day, we're here to help YOU too.


Way back when...

In 1997 I began sharing what I learned while recovering from Fibromyalgia, an autoimmune condition estimated to affect 10 million Americans, and 5% of the planets population worldwide.

I created specific nutritional recipes targeted to reduce inflammation and help the GI tract and consulted with friends and neighbors suffering from food allergies, leaky gut and candida yeast overgrowth ...first in my own neighborhood and eventually throughout Utah, the western United States and now via the internet, worldwide.



In 2007 after our ninth baby was born, I got my first book into print, The Feel Good Cookbook: Whole Foods and Allergy Free Recipes.  I was flabbergasted at the demand for allergy-free food! Within 2 years my book was available in over 100 bookstores in the US and Canada.

As I've coached others back to health in the last 25 years, I've learned ways to drastically reduce the discomfort of re-engineering the microbiome for hormone balance, better sleep and more youthful hair and skin (ask me how).

In 2011, mountain man helped me create my own corporation, Feel Good Foods, later renamed and registered with the trademark, Tumtree Health which provides powerful protocols such as 30 Day REBOOT and other natural products that help correct imbalances in the digestive tract, at the root of sickness and disease.

I'm super excited about our growing network of professional Physician Partners and Affiliate Army who've been sharing the good news through their channels, to bring this help to a larger audience worldwide.

For the past 10 years my brilliant team and I are sharing our message, resources, and recipes wherever we can, via my books, blog, seminars, Youtube, Instagram and Tumtree REBOOT product line. When we're not up late improving our systems to make life a little easier for our customers, we're out chasin' kids through the beautiful crimson deserts of Southern Utah.

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