Diet Plan to fix Leaky Gut

Losing Weight and Feeling Great! 

"Hi, my name's Lynette Wilson. I have just recently started using The Feel Good Cookbook and I am so excited about what I'm seeing and what I'm experiencing in my family.

I wanna share a quick experience that we had 2 days ago. I tried the Potato Broccoli Chowder and I was a little nervous to try it because for years I've been making a recipe of Potato Broccoli soup that calls for a lot of butter and a lot of cheese. And I just thought, "Oh, how's my family going to respond?" I didn't make a big deal about it I just made it and served it.

And it was phenomenal to see the whole pot got eaten up. That day I shared it with my married daughter who lives close to me and she has several children. We were anxious to see how they'd respond. And they loved it. The whole pot got eaten up.

And I'm just feeling better. I feel good about feeding my family good foods that taste yummy. I've been using the Reboot, and I've started to lose some weight.

So, I just invite anyone that's maybe a little bit nervous to try it, to give it a try. Because it's been so great for me."

Lynette Wilson, Salt Lake City UT

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