How to Heal IBS Naturally

Leaky Gut Secret.


Hello, my name is Laurel McFarland and I'd like to tell you about my Tumtree experience. 

I have had digestive problems since my 20s. And it started with dairy products. Everytime I ate dairy products I as sick. And in my 30s gluten started bothering me. 

By the time I'm in my 40s it didn't seem to matter what I ate, everything bothered me.  I was bloated all the time.  Tired, sick, I couldn't lose weight. 

I tried diets. I tried exercise.  I did 3 day cleanses. 5 day cleanses. And I was losing hope that I could ever feel good again.  That's not a good place to be. 

When I saw the Tumtree Reboot advertised on Instagram I thought, I've gotta try this. 

I'm at Week 3 now, and the first week I started feeling healthier.  I was eating healthier foods.  I was eaten less food naturally and I wasn't hungry.

And by the second week I'd lost 5 pounds.  And by the third week, which is now, I have regained my hope that I can feel really good all the time.  And I'm so happy! 

 So that's my story, and I'm very very excited to keep going with it.

Laurel McFarland, Sandy UT

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