Molluscum Water Warts Remedy

Stop Viral Warts in their tracks. 

Hi my name is Emily Judd. I've been using Tumtree for 8 years. I started because I had Hashimotos which caused exhaustion and allergies.

Today I want to tell you about my 4 year old son, who had molluscum, a virus, also called water warts up and down his left side. He had itchy dry patches of skin as well causing him discomfort.  He would scratch them, they would bleed, then scab over, then come back. 

Then it occurred to me that maybe my Liquid Body Balance would help.  So we started giving him 2 dropperfuls at night and within 3 days the warts would pop and scab over and then they went away and did not come back!

I highly recommend this for all moms to have in their doctor bag at home. And I hope then you'll have healthier happier children.  

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