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As a healthcare professional, you face real patient challenges every day.

Whether it is researching new and innovative products, working with patients to maximize therapy compliance, understanding the latest ongoing clinical trials, or transitioning patients from one treatment to another, our unique range of natural whole food based solutions are specifically designed to help you help your patients feel better faster.

Our RebootTM Protocol provides a comprehensive 5 pronged approach to safely and effectively restore stressed mucous membranes responsible for digestive dysfunction, headaches, dizziness, brainfog, environmental and food allergies, inflammation of the reproductive, respiratory and urinary tracts, joint pain and fatigue.

Transform patient outcomes for autoimmune disease by employing technologies that address the underlying causes.

Our 30 Day Reboot Protocol is the result of 20 years of research, development and product testing to ensure the simplest, safest, most direct means of restoring integrity to the front line of defense against disease… the mucous membranes of the body. Learn more about becoming a Reboot Protocol Provider and get started today.

Oregon Partner Physicians

West Bend Family Medicine – Raphael Allred, MD

Phone: 541-383-8066
Address: 2855 NW Crossing Dr. Ste 102, Bend OR 97701

Basin Naturopathic Care – Carol Petherbridge, ND

Phone: 541-891-5966
Address: 631 Klamath Ave, Klamath Falls, OR 97601

Utah Partner Physicians

Alpine Clinic – Dianne Farley Jones, MD

Phone: 801-407-3000 801-602-3465
Address: 1175 E 3200 N, Lehi, UT 84043

Life Clinic – Cynthia Black, RN

Phone: 801-342-9292
Address: 63 N. 300 E. Provo-UT 84604

Utah Valley Health Clinic (Cookbook Only) – Jefferey Wright, ND

Phone: 801-374-5677
Address: 3311 N. University Ave. Provo-UT 84604

Freedom Medical Center (Cookbook Only) – Dennis Remington, MD

Phone: 801-373-8500
Address: 1675 N. Freedom Blvd. Provo-UT 84604

Mountain Springs Family Medicine – Randy R. Lundell, MD

Phone: 801-504-6117
Address: 468 S. Main Street, Spanish Fork-UT 84660

Family First Chiropractic & Wellness – Christy Stetcher, DC

Phone: 801-281-1688
Address: 495 E. 4500 S. SLC-UT 84107

Natural Medical Supply

Location: American Fork-UT

Utah Valley Wellness Center

Phone: 805-506-5170
Address: 1156 S. State St. Suite 101 Orem-UT 84097

*All products are manufactured in our FDA compliant facility with on site lab to assure product efficacy, safety and purity both before and after the manufacturing process.

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