Chronic Knee Pain Gone

Chronic Knee Pain Gone 


Hey, hey, hey! Hey, everyone, I’m Roy and I just want to say I love Tumtree products. Thank you so much, Miss Jonell, for all that you’re doing and for the creative and awesome work you’re doing over there.

All the other programs that I was on said I couldn’t eat, don’t eat and you will feel better. With this program, Miss Jonell developed meal plans and food you can eat.

And I just feel so much better. I was performing during the time of my awful gut issues and the main symptom I kept feeling was joint pain. I was having joint pain in my knees and it would hurt to sit down or to be on a plane. And it was really painful until I found Tumtree.

And when I tell you I feel good on these foods, I’m feeling good! To all the people over there, you’re doing a great job! I just can’t get over how I feel!

After the 2nd day of this program, my knees, I could feel the pain in my knees going away.  It didn’t hurt to sit down or just enjoy life.

I can laugh now, I can love now and the biggest thing for me was joint pain and it’s gone.

And I can’t wait to continue in this journey, because I now don’t crave those foods and now when I go to dinner with my friends, I’m able to eat better, find substitutes for different things. And so it’s helped my overall health being in this program so in that, I thank you so much!

Can’t wait, can’t wait to tell all my friends who struggle with this!

I just thank you so much! Bye!

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