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The Hidden Cause of Your Chronic Anxiety, Bloating, Pain and Fatigue

This is actually brilliant. A broad array of uncomfortable symptoms from bloating and gas, to joint pain, inflamed skin, headaches, depression, anxiety, brainfog and fatigue all stem from a gut that’s become too permeable. Doctor Carol Petherbridge in Klamath Falls Oregon has been helping her patients win the day over gut linked disease for years with The Reboot Protocol TM from Tumtree. "What's impressive to me is, I've been a Naturopathic Physician for 30 years and Naturopaths have always talked about "your health begins in your gut." That's been our mantra for years. It's always been a part of the...

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Allergies and Joint Pain

I can't say thank you enough! One week after starting Reboot and kicking refined sugar I felt like a whole new person. I was able to quit the NSAID habit completely because my joints no longer hurt, and for the last five months I have not caught a single viral illness. My headaches quit and my seasonal allergies were reduced to a mere sniffle. Almost immediately, I dropped 10 pounds and started to exercise again, which I hadn’t done because of illness, joint pain, and vaginal yeast infections. After being constantly sick, having no energy, addicted to sugar and several...

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Treat Epstein Barr Virus Naturally

At Last He Turned The Corner. My child was experiencing the affects of mononucleosis caused by Epstein barr virus and CMV (body aches, fatigue and headaches). He had been suffering for about three months with a double ear infection and multiple rounds of antibiotic.  We were told that his recovery would be a slow process. We tried the Reboot treatment for 21 days. The last four days of the treatment, he experienced severe die-off and, after it was over, he turned the corner. He went from feeling 50 percent to feeling 80 percent and his recovery has continued to speed...

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Jonell Francis

Headaches, Sleeplessness and Fatigue

Headaches, Sleeplessness and Fatigue I completed a month of Reboot and I feel great! Before I began I was having serious headaches, problems with sleeping, and ongoing food cravings for fatty and sugar laden foods. I started the GI cleanse and within the first three days my food cravings were gone. I found within the first week of the Body Balance pills and Glutamine my headaches had gone. I avoided gluten, dairy and sugar throughout but still ate small portions of rice and quinoa. Now that I have finished I am sleeping great, my headaches are gone, and I’m eating...

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