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I quit napping everyday but the bonus is weight loss

Better Sleep and Weight Loss We spent Spring Break in Cancun Mexico and I brought home E Coli and Giardia.  What fun!  After 3 rounds of antibiotics and still feeling quite ill, exhausted, headachey, bloated, severe stomach cramps and other unmentionables, I didn’t know what to do. My throat and mouth were full of yeast and I had difficulty swallowing.  Luckily a friend suggested I try Tumtree Reboot.  After 3 weeks of no dairy, gluten or sugar and using the Reboot protocol I am on my way to recovery. The headaches have stopped and bloating decreased as did my continually stuffy head. My stomach...

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Jonell Francis

Sponge Up Migraines Fast and Naturally With This

Treat Migraines Naturally. Young wife and mother Megan tells why she never wants to be without Exodus Prebiotic Sponge for her family. Soaks up headaches for instant relief…while nourishing your bowel and microbiome.       “Hi, my name’s Megan Henderson.  When I was in my teenage years I used to get some pretty bad headaches, migraines very often. And luckily I had a wonderful mother who introduced me to Exodus in the early days. And I was able to find relief, in taking that and it would instantaneously lift the headache and I think to clear it eventually.  I tried getting...

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Headaches, Stomachaches and Bloating

She started feeling better right away. My 17 year old daughter was feeling generally crappy with headaches, stomachaches and bloating. She also has had really painful periods. We knew she was gluten sensitive and she was also throwing up if she ate dairy. She tried going gluten free and dairy free and she did feel a little better, but still was feeling sick probably 75% of the time. Bad days. Once she started on the Reboot diet and supplements, she started feeling way better. In thirty days, I think she only had 1-2 days where she didn’t feel great. Thank you...

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Healing Stomachaches Fast

Mop up Headaches, Stomachaches or Fatigue Brit in Hawaii describes her longterm friendship with Exodus Prebiotic Sponge.     “Hi, everybody! My name is Britnee Kent and I’m talking about Exodus GI Sponge. I’ve used it since I was about 12 years old, so it’s been 10 years and I love it. It’s my go to when I had a lot of junk food and just need to get cleansed or I have a stomach ache or bloating, things like that. And when I’ve been feeling really tired lately and having headaches or fatigue or muscle cramps, even it helps for...

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