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Baby Colic and Sleeplessness

My Baby Sleeps Through the Night Now! Judy Sorenson reclaims her sleep when baby Brady gets Body Balance Liquid to correct imbalance in his gut microbiota.    "Hello, my name is Judy. This is my baby Brady. He is 9 months old and I just wanna give a quick review of the Body Balance Liquid formula.  So, I've been talking with Jonell who's amazing and was very patient with coaching me. And she said, has Brady been sleeping through the night?" and I said No, he doesn't sleep through the night and he won't sleep through the night. And I'm not even...

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How Exodus Healed My Ages Old Cough (and So Much More)

Prebiotic Fiber Matters. Professional Blogger and Women’s Life Coach, Jacque Sorenson tells how taking a daily dose of Exodus Prebiotic Fiber keeps the gut healthy by providing fuel and fodder for the millions of friendly organisms living inside you. It also sponges and locks up toxins that make you feel foggy, sluggish and tired, while training your bowels to move daily.  Her family, along with thousands of others NEVER want to be without this very simple, natural health aid.     “Hi, this is Jacque Sorenson, happy to tell you about my experience with Exodus GI Sponge from My Feel Good...

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Jonell Francis

Clear Chronic Nausea

So happy to have answers. I bought the 30 day reboot for my 18 year old son who has stomach lining damage from pain medications. He took them last year during a terrible illness that almost took his life.   As of now my son is on day 3 of the Reboot. So far it is going well. He hasn’t been nauseous for 3 days now which is a great relief. He has been nauseous for months and we were never sure why. I am so happy to have answers and a solution to help him feel better and get back...

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IBS, Allergies and Fatigue

IBS, Allergies and Fatigue My daughter has been so sick since she left on her mission. She has been very good at being gluten free and is still suffering. UNTIL NOW. She said she is feeling 10,000,000 times better (her words) since starting on your Reboot program. She only had limited time to write me so I really know nothing other then she feels much better. Maybe this will be the answer for my daughter and for me. Thank you for getting her started! Natalie B. Arlington, VA

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