How Exodus Healed My Ages Old Cough (and So Much More)

Prebiotic Fiber Matters.

Professional Blogger and Women’s Life Coach, Jacque Sorenson tells how taking a daily dose of Exodus Prebiotic Fiber keeps the gut healthy by providing fuel and fodder for the millions of friendly organisms living inside you. It also sponges and locks up toxins that make you feel foggy, sluggish and tired, while training your bowels to move daily.  Her family, along with thousands of others NEVER want to be without this very simple, natural health aid.  


“Hi, this is Jacque Sorenson, happy to tell you about my experience with Exodus GI Sponge from My Feel Good Foods (now Tumtree). I started using it because I’d eaten something that didn’t agree with me. It made me quite sick.  And I actually have been on a regimen for a few months using the Exodus and I have been really surprised at the results.

I have had a tickly cough for a LONG time, years and years.  And this is the first time in that time that I have NOT had this constant tickle in my throat.  And I am thrilled about that.  I also have noticed a really big change in my skin. It’s like it’s renewing all of a sudden much better than it had been before.  I didn’t anticipate those kinds of things to happen by just taking the Exodus.  It’s a really simple product.  It has very simple and natural ingredients and it’s so gentle, but it is so effective.  Better than anything else that I’m aware of. So, I would highly recommend using the GI Sponge if:

  • you’re trying to lose weight.
  • you’re dealing with really difficult emotions that you’re trying to get past.
  • you’ve eaten something that didn’t agree with you
  • you have any kind of lingering health challenge.

Because we know that our really vibrant health begins in a really healthy gut.

Hope you’ll try it!”

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