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After 6 weeks it cleared up my face, finally.

Reboot for teens. I’ve had stomachaches for a long time, but my most annoying symptom has been acne that hasn’t cleared up. I have tried so many products! Two years ago I did the program and after about 6 weeks it cleared up my face, finally.  I knew it was working because when I ran out of my first bottle of Body Balance capsules my face blew up again.  I still use the capsules for occasional breakouts. The program really helped my stomachaches and I take Glutamine before or after soccer workouts so I’m not sore. And wait, I love...

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How Exodus Healed My Ages Old Cough (and So Much More)

Prebiotic Fiber Matters. Professional Blogger and Women’s Life Coach, Jacque Sorenson tells how taking a daily dose of Exodus Prebiotic Fiber keeps the gut healthy by providing fuel and fodder for the millions of friendly organisms living inside you. It also sponges and locks up toxins that make you feel foggy, sluggish and tired, while training your bowels to move daily.  Her family, along with thousands of others NEVER want to be without this very simple, natural health aid.     “Hi, this is Jacque Sorenson, happy to tell you about my experience with Exodus GI Sponge from My Feel Good...

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Acne and Stomach Pain

I felt like a new person! I really love your products.  Over the last few years I have had great success with Tumtree products. I originally found them when I was dealing with major skin acne as a young adult. A friend recommended I try the whole cleanse and it was amazing that after two weeks I had no new skin eruptions on my face.  Soon after I finished the cleanse my skin had cleared up completely and boy was I happy! Such a relief. Fast forward a few years, I had the bacteria H. Pylori within my stomach lining. This...

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Jonell Francis

Acne Meds 2+ Years Created Bloating, Anxiety and Depression

After 2+ years on Accutane for acne, Sydney experienced severe bloating, fatigue, brainfog, anxiety, depression, sleep problems and stubborn weight gain. She shares how it feels to finally find hope and healing for her whole body with Reboot from    “Hello everyone, I’m Sydney Larsen. So, around 2 years ago I noticed that I just did not feel good.  I just didn’t feel like myself.  I was constantly bloated, fatigued.  I had brainfog, anxiety and depression. And I had weight gain, couldn’t lose weight no matter what I did.  And so, I went to a Naturopath and ended up paying...

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