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Candida Cancer Connection

Fungal Infection and Cancer I spoke with you earlier this summer about my ailments and I had some things come up that prompted me to look up your website. First off… You were right on the money. Without taking any corrective measures my overall energy level has lowered even more, and over the last month my intestinal problems have been happening almost daily (the most bothersome being the physical distention I get every time I eat). Anyway, I had the chance to have my blood sample looked at under a microscope by a trained eye, and guess what? Yup. Yeast....

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Allergies and Joint Pain

I can't say thank you enough! One week after starting Reboot and kicking refined sugar I felt like a whole new person. I was able to quit the NSAID habit completely because my joints no longer hurt, and for the last five months I have not caught a single viral illness. My headaches quit and my seasonal allergies were reduced to a mere sniffle. Almost immediately, I dropped 10 pounds and started to exercise again, which I hadn’t done because of illness, joint pain, and vaginal yeast infections. After being constantly sick, having no energy, addicted to sugar and several...

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Endometriosis Fatigue

Endometriosis Fatigue Reboot from Tumtree has helped me so much and I want you to know that because I am so so so grateful! I love sharing your stuff. I ordered your book for a friend for her birthday, I am excited to give it to her. I have showed it to several people. I think a lot of people are scared of making changes, but it’s awesome how many people you are impacting. I’ve had endometriosis for a long time and had a cyst removed from my ovary, periods have been horrible and irregular. After using the cleanse for 2...

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Jonell Francis

Back Pain Sucks!

Fix Back Pain Naturally Back pain sucks! It makes for a scaled back day/week/year and prevents living life to its fullest. The problem is that back surgery does not have a the best track record for reversing it. Before going under the knife I’d give your back the chance to fix itself by giving it the raw materials it needs to repair the damage. I’ve really benefited from the Reboot products and have been able to be free of the pain that was driving me toward back surgery for about a year now. Rik West, Cache Valley, UT

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