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Wrist Pain Gone, Wahoo!

Wrist Pain, Eczema, Allergies... Getting rid of yeast has helped so many issues in my family from allergies to eczema and asthma. However, the most dramatic result was from some chronic joint pain in my wrists. I had horrible pain in both wrists for four years. I couldn’t even push myself out of bed in the morning or bend my wrists at all. I had an MRI on the wrists and the doctor found cysts in between the joints. When asking what the cysts were, he really couldn’t give me an answer. I firmly believed that the cysts were pockets...

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Healing Food Sensitivity, Anxiety and Depression

I Highly Recommend Reboot   Hi, my name is Mallory Griffin and I am a foot zoner, energy healer and yoga teacher and I love the Reboot cleanse. I recommend it to all of my friends and family and all of my clients. I used it about two years ago when I found out I had some candida that caused me a lot of problems. So I used it and followed the guidelines exactly and it changed my life. Not just with my food sensitivities, but with my anxiety, depression and brain fog and a bunch of other issues. Like...

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I quit napping everyday but the bonus is weight loss

Better Sleep and Weight Loss We spent Spring Break in Cancun Mexico and I brought home E Coli and Giardia.  What fun!  After 3 rounds of antibiotics and still feeling quite ill, exhausted, headachey, bloated, severe stomach cramps and other unmentionables, I didn’t know what to do. My throat and mouth were full of yeast and I had difficulty swallowing.  Luckily a friend suggested I try Tumtree Reboot.  After 3 weeks of no dairy, gluten or sugar and using the Reboot protocol I am on my way to recovery. The headaches have stopped and bloating decreased as did my continually stuffy head. My stomach...

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Jonell Francis

Mental Clarity and Energy

Thank you so much for your products. This is the only thing that has made me feel better when I have a flare up of yeast or need a cleanse to increase energy and mental clarity. I have referred probably 10-15 people to you in the last year. I know they love it! I’ve converted many. 😉  My sister does your cold and flu system and… well there are lots of people who I have sent your way.  I could go on and on. But thank you for all your research for those of us who have been looking for...

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