Reviews — tachycardia

Dysautonomia (POTS - Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)

Heal POTS Dysautonomia naturally.    Hi, my name is Idonna, from Idaho. And I love to run marathons. I want to talk to you about my Reboot experience and how it got me back to running marathons again. A year and a half ago 8 days after I ran a marathon I found myself in the hospital getting a pacemaker.  And during that experience I had a pneumothorax and my left lung totally collapsed. Months later I had a better heartrate, but I was getting more and more sick from the lung collapse and trauma to my chest.  I was diagnosed...

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Jonell Francis

Graves Disease and Thyroid Eye Disease

Treat it without drugs or surgery.   Hi, my name is Cammy Smith and I wanted to share my experience with the Tumtree Reboot system. About 10 months ago I was diagnosed with Graves Disease Hypothyroidism as well as Graves Eye Disease.  I was medicated for this which helped my thyroid levels, but then we soon found out I was allergic to the medication. I had a rough few months trying different medications and reacting poorly to them.  When my doctor wanted to remove my thyroid I decided to try something else to help before getting my thyroid removed.  Within...

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Heart Problems corrected with help for microbiome

Answer to Our Prayers I have dealt with autoimmune issues for over 10 years. As I have used this cleanse and strengthened my GI tract with this system, my tachycardia has come under control without other treatment, I am not reacting to natural sugars and can eat whole grain wheat and oats without being exhausted after every meal. It has also helped with my children’s food sensitivities and untreatable yeast related diaper rashes. I have been able to lose seemingly un-losable pounds gained with 4 babies born in 5 years. It has helped with unexplained depression, and given clarity of...

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