Dysautonomia (POTS - Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)

Heal POTS Dysautonomia naturally. 


Hi, my name is Idonna, from Idaho. And I love to run marathons. I want to talk to you about my Reboot experience and how it got me back to running marathons again.

A year and a half ago 8 days after I ran a marathon I found myself in the hospital getting a pacemaker.  And during that experience I had a pneumothorax and my left lung totally collapsed. Months later I had a better heartrate, but I was getting more and more sick from the lung collapse and trauma to my chest. 

I was diagnosed with Dysautonomia and along with it came severe brain fog and debilitating headaches to where I was laying down most of the day for over a month. I went into the doctor 4-5 times.  There really wasn't much info how I could feel better.  I had really low blood pressure and really severe headaches.  My next marathon was 5 months away and I was worried I'd never be able to run a marathon again.

I had known about Tumtree products, but was really excited to start the program.  I practiced the diet for a few months before doing the actual Reboot. 

I did the 30 day Reboot and I was able to run my marathon.

The brain fog was completely gone. Fatigue was SO much better. My headaches were gone. I was feeling clear and really good.  I also lost 20 pounds which is huge.  I feel much much better.  I can be vibrant in who I am. So I'm really grateful for these products.

Some things I tried that didn't work is I tried rest. I tried caffeine to dilate blood vessels, doctor visits, I slept elevated.  Nothing really worked.  The Reboot is what really helped me the most. 

I'm thankful for these products. I hope you have a great experience too. 

Idonna Clarke,  Twin Falls ID


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