Graves Disease and Thyroid Eye Disease

Treat it without drugs or surgery.


Hi, my name is Cammy Smith and I wanted to share my experience with the Tumtree Reboot system.

About 10 months ago I was diagnosed with Graves Disease Hypothyroidism as well as Graves Eye Disease.  I was medicated for this which helped my thyroid levels, but then we soon found out I was allergic to the medication.

I had a rough few months trying different medications and reacting poorly to them. 

When my doctor wanted to remove my thyroid I decided to try something else to help before getting my thyroid removed. 

Within a week of starting Reboot I was feeling better and decided to stop my betablockers and steroids and focus on the gut. 

In 3 months on Reboot, all my thyroid levels normalized without medication and for 3 months after that they continue to be normal. 

My eyes are continuing to get better, and my antibodies are continuing to lower.  So I do feel like this has been a blessing and has been beneficial to my health. 

So I encourage anyone with Graves eye disease to give it a try. 

Cammy Smith, Saint George, UT


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