Heart Problems corrected with help for microbiome

Answer to Our Prayers

I have dealt with autoimmune issues for over 10 years. As I have used this cleanse and strengthened my GI tract with this system, my tachycardia has come under control without other treatment, I am not reacting to natural sugars and can eat whole grain wheat and oats without being exhausted after every meal. It has also helped with my children’s food sensitivities and untreatable yeast related diaper rashes.

I have been able to lose seemingly un-losable pounds gained with 4 babies born in 5 years. It has helped with unexplained depression, and given clarity of mind and increased my energy. In short, while this takes discipline and changing your habits, it is doable and enjoyable and I have not had a problem changing my family over to these food choices despite our living on a college family budget.

This has saved endless frustration at doctors offices who just experiment with prescriptions or who say, “if it bothers you don’t eat it.” This information has offered the hope of healing and returning to a normal life instead of the life of an invalid with an invisible disease. Thank you so much. It has changed my marriage, my abilities as a mother, and answered many prayers of myself and my husband for our families health. God’s blessings upon you and your family. Thank you.

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