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Diabetes help without drugs

Diabetes, Joint Pain and Congestion I’ve been using the Reboot protocol for one month and have felt much better. Great things I’ve noticed so far are that I’m sleeping better-not taking benadryl every night and I have less constipation. My fasting blood sugar before the cleanse was 109 and 148 postprandial. Now, it’s between 73 and 90.  My blood sugar looks so much better and that is a miracle. I feel more energy returning to me and am able to start running again because, so far, no more joint pain. My sugar cravings have also been better.  Next time I think...

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Jonell Francis

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

Bringing my numbers way down!     My name is Dawnetta and I started Reboot a couple months ago. I'm diabetic and was wanting to do your month long plan to feel better, hoping that it would help my numbers to come down.  All of that happened, plus in that first month I lost 5 pounds. I lost more inches than that, my clothes felt better and I can wear things I haven't been able to.  My blood pressure came down to 122/70.  And my blood sugar in the morning was about 100 points less than it had been before Reboot....

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Burning Feet, Muscle Cramps, Intestinal Gas

I'm So Glad it Stopped the Gas I’ve been on the Reboot for 18 days and am so glad it stopped the gas. I’m even having 2 bowel movements a day, which hasn’t happened in a long time. My blood sugars are improving, with one day in the 80’s. The best part of all is that I’ve not felt any burning on the bottoms of my feet, which I have had for the last 2 years (whenever I’m on them for more than a couple hrs). I am also delighted that the cramping in my calf muscles so far is...

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Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Hives and Acid reflux

Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Hives and Acid reflux I’m 53 and have had fibromyalgia for several years now. My symptoms have included joint pain in wrist and back, asthma, urticaria, IBS, acid reflux, migraines, and thrush. I had fertility issues during my childbearing years, painful menstruation, and my throat has been dire, sore, scratchy, and losing vocal range. Recently I have been tearing ligaments and muscles easily. I was READY for a new experience. I started the cleanse properly on the evening of 6th January.  The Exodus was amazing because from the moment I took it I stopped feeling nauseous and was...

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