Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Hives and Acid reflux

Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Hives and Acid reflux

I’m 53 and have had fibromyalgia for several years now. My symptoms have included joint pain in wrist and back, asthma, urticaria, IBS, acid reflux, migraines, and thrush. I had fertility issues during my childbearing years, painful menstruation, and my throat has been dire, sore, scratchy, and losing vocal range. Recently I have been tearing ligaments and muscles easily. I was READY for a new experience.

I started the cleanse properly on the evening of 6th January.  The Exodus was amazing because from the moment I took it I stopped feeling nauseous and was able to go into school the next day. I got the side effects straight away on starting the Body Balance capsules. Itching, restlessness, inability to sleep, pain (but none of those are unusual for me).  I increased the amount of water I was drinking and that seemed to help. I started losing weight straight away and now have gone down a dress size (in just 10 days!) I’ve got a waist where you would have found it hard to locate one before.

The first sign that something miraculous was happening was on the first Friday, when I’d only been taking the Body Balance for 3 days. I went into the bathroom at school and noticed that the bags under my eyes were significantly reduced. I then went home and my husband noticed a difference too.

Usually Fridays feel like an endurance marathon because by the time the children leave at 3:15 I am physically exhausted. I go home from school in pain in every joint and too tired to cook, go out, or even move off the sofa.  Generally I’m snoring by about 8:00pm. That first Friday I couldn’t believe how much energy I had. We went out for a meal to a chicken restaurant, where they were exceptionally helpful about the allergen content of the food. Then we went to the supermarket and did our food shopping for the week before going home and watching some TV together. This is unheard of before. 

Things began to wobble on the Monday evening when I was up to three capsules and my kidney started to rebel. I think I might have told you that I have an unusual kidney abnormality in that both my kidneys are stuck together, facing the wrong way in the bottom left of my pelvis, next to my left ovary. I think it is due to their peculiar nature that no one took me seriously whenever I went to the doctor to say I felt awful. They got completely sidetracked by the kidney and blamed it for everything. The kidneys function fairly normally but I do get inflammation of the bladder and when that happens I get pain in the kidney. As soon as those symptoms arrived I knew it was time to lay off the Body Balance capsules for awhile. I actually only stayed off them for 24 hours and then started again from 1 capsule and built it up to 3. I am now back on three.

I’m still getting some mild tingling (neuropathy) in the hands and itching at night but it’s much less obvious than it was. And I now know I can mop it up with Exodus. The next breakthrough was on Thursday of the second week. Normally I get up and have a hard time getting down the stairs. I cling to the bannister rail and take one step at a time because I am so stiff and it takes awhile for my joints to loosen up. Thursday I got up with no pain at all and went down the stairs in one fluid motion. I was very excited.

Friday evening I was just as energized as I had been the week before. At church on Sunday I was asked to give the opening prayer. Three weeks earlier I was so stiff that I limped up the aisle. Yesterday I stood up straight and walked straight there without so much as a twinge!

I am coping with the diet fairly well. Before I started this program, I would see-saw madly, craving sweet and then savoury and then sweet. The diet has given me a satisfying element of control which I am really enjoying. I am eating a lot more raw vegetables, nuts and seeds. At the moment I am steering clear of fruit altogether but I will introduce a little now that I have the cookbook.

To help and encourage me, my husband has started following the same diet principles. He had already cut out sugar before I started because he has type 1 diabetes and has had for the past 34 years. However, he has gone gluten and dairy-free now and is finding his blood sugar is much more stable. This morning he decided that he was going to do the cleanse. This was after I read an article that suggested you can pass the yeast backwards and forwards between you. It seemed sensible to try and control his symptoms too so that he doesn’t give the yeast back to me. He has a fungal infection of his feet so it can only help him.

My voice is improving, my nasal congestion is improving and I’ve had just one small headache, not a migraine, in slightly over two weeks – unheard of for me.  So all in all I’m feeling very positive. I have been speaking to lots of people with similar symptoms – so the missionary effort to share the yeast model with others is going well. I just want to send you my love and my thanks for your time.

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