Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

Bringing my numbers way down!  


My name is Dawnetta and I started Reboot a couple months ago.

I'm diabetic and was wanting to do your month long plan to feel better, hoping that it would help my numbers to come down. 

All of that happened, plus in that first month I lost 5 pounds.

I lost more inches than that, my clothes felt better and I can wear things I haven't been able to. 

My blood pressure came down to 122/70.  And my blood sugar in the morning was about 100 points less than it had been before Reboot. I felt really happy with that. 

I really like the new recipes and eating smarter.  I knew the Reboot was working. Continuing my journey.  Plus after like 2 days, I just felt so much more energy.

So, Thank You!

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