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Diabetes help without drugs

Diabetes, Joint Pain and Congestion I’ve been using the Reboot protocol for one month and have felt much better. Great things I’ve noticed so far are that I’m sleeping better-not taking benadryl every night and I have less constipation. My fasting blood sugar before the cleanse was 109 and 148 postprandial. Now, it’s between 73 and 90.  My blood sugar looks so much better and that is a miracle. I feel more energy returning to me and am able to start running again because, so far, no more joint pain. My sugar cravings have also been better.  Next time I think...

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Croup, Pneumonia, Congestion

Exodus For Cough Our son has had croup for several weeks now and in the last week it’s moved down into his lungs. We’re afraid of it becoming pneumonia so he’s on quarantine staying in his room. I gave him a dose of Exodus before bed and he slept better than any of the last 5 nights. He didn’t cough once and his nasal passages are clear. He is still coughing yucky sounding coughs during the day but maybe we’re on the right track. So cool! Debora Kerr, Bend, OR

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Jonell Francis

Natural Remedies for Nasal Congestion

Sinuses Clear and Sense of Smell Returns I am excited to say that after 6.5 years of allergies and severe congestion I am noticing a difference after doing the Reboot Cleanse. I have moments during the day when I can smell and breathe much more freely through my sinuses and though it is slow progress (6 weeks now) it is so exciting to me! Janae H. - UT

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Natural Remedy for Nasal Congestion

Body Balance Liquid fixed my Nasal Congestion... I was having problems with severe nasal congestion for about 3 months. I’d been to several different doctors who prescribed different medications (antibiotic and steroid) that all ended up not helping. I was so congested that I couldn’t breathe through my nose at all, and was having a hard time sleeping as a result. I have known Jonell for many years and asked her for ideas that could help. The first thing I tried was a nasal spray she had me make from saline and Body Balance Liquid formula. I used about 4...

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