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Jonell Francis

Depression, Anxiety and IBS

Depression, Anxiety and IBS I’m happy to report that things have been going really well for me. My symptoms have been dairy allergy, sensitive to sugars, bloating, acid reflux, brainfog, anxiety and depression. In two weeks I can already tell a difference in how my body feels. I can only see things going up from here! Catharine L. Los Angeles, CA

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Colds and Flus, Headaches and Sore Throat Are No Match for Exodus

Sweep Away Colds and Flus Thousands of families rely on Exodus Prebiotic Fiber Sponge to soak up aches and pains caused by oncoming infections, trigger foods or a sluggish bowel. Listen in as the Hendersons tell what they use it for and why they NEVER want to be without it!       “I love Exodus because whenever I have a bad day of eating or when I’m feeling a little sick I can always take some and it will alleviate whatever type of pain I’m experiencing: in my gut, or my throat, or my chest, or my head. Yeah, I...

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Headaches, Stomachaches and Bloating

She started feeling better right away. My 17 year old daughter was feeling generally crappy with headaches, stomachaches and bloating. She also has had really painful periods. We knew she was gluten sensitive and she was also throwing up if she ate dairy. She tried going gluten free and dairy free and she did feel a little better, but still was feeling sick probably 75% of the time. Bad days. Once she started on the Reboot diet and supplements, she started feeling way better. In thirty days, I think she only had 1-2 days where she didn’t feel great. Thank you...

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Candida Cancer Connection

Fungal Infection and Cancer I spoke with you earlier this summer about my ailments and I had some things come up that prompted me to look up your website. First off… You were right on the money. Without taking any corrective measures my overall energy level has lowered even more, and over the last month my intestinal problems have been happening almost daily (the most bothersome being the physical distention I get every time I eat). Anyway, I had the chance to have my blood sample looked at under a microscope by a trained eye, and guess what? Yup. Yeast....

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