Colds and Flus, Headaches and Sore Throat Are No Match for Exodus

Sweep Away Colds and Flus

Thousands of families rely on Exodus Prebiotic Fiber Sponge to soak up aches and pains caused by oncoming infections, trigger foods or a sluggish bowel. Listen in as the Hendersons tell what they use it for and why they NEVER want to be without it!  



“I love Exodus because whenever I have a bad day of eating or when I’m feeling a little sick I can always take some and it will alleviate whatever type of pain I’m experiencing: in my gut, or my throat, or my chest, or my head.

Yeah, I get headaches sometimes and for me Exodus is immediate relief.  It just lifts it right when I drink it pretty much.  And I always know, no matter what sickness it is, I can take it and it’ll ease whatever the discomfort is.”

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