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Healing Fibromyalgia Fast

Autoimmune disease is linked with gut health Bloating, IBS, pain, weakness and fatigue are part of nearly every case of autoimmune disease that evaporate quickly once the body gets just what it needs from our 5 step Protocol. Win the day over autoimmune disease as Leslie did. It’s your turn.     “Hi everybody. Leslie Wines here from Nevada. I want to share my story with you, with the Reboot program. My husband and I are cattle ranchers, just the two of us are on the ranch. I have suffered for the last 20 years with bloating and gas, constipation,...

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Fibromyalgia Fix

Extreme Fatigue and Hairloss I was diagnosed in 1999 with IBS and even though I took more than a dozen pills a day my symptoms only got worse and worse. By 2004 I could not work full time: vomiting, lack of energy, diarrhea, poor concentration… in 2008 fibromyalgia came in with even more severe symptoms: bloated belly, gas, no concentration at all, lost 40% of my hair, asthma, eczema, paralyzed bowel, migraines, joint pain, muscle pain, swelling, extreme fatigue, depression, aggressiveness, lack of vitamin B-12 and D. In 2009 I went gluten-free and lactose free. This diet gave me more...

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