Wrist Pain Gone, Wahoo!

Wrist Pain, Eczema, Allergies...

Getting rid of yeast has helped so many issues in my family from allergies to eczema and asthma. However, the most dramatic result was from some chronic joint pain in my wrists.

I had horrible pain in both wrists for four years. I couldn’t even push myself out of bed in the morning or bend my wrists at all. I had an MRI on the wrists and the doctor found cysts in between the joints. When asking what the cysts were, he really couldn’t give me an answer.

I firmly believed that the cysts were pockets of yeast that got worse with sugar. I started on the yeast protocol from Tumtree and within a month, four years of pain was gone! I no longer have any pain in my joints.

A few months ago, my hips started to ache. Once again I started on the Tumtree products and the joint pain went away. Too many people live with joint pain and just blame it on old age or arthritis. You don’t have to live with pain!

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