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Good for Foreign Travel!

Knock Out Tropical Disease I used the Reboot system during my stay in tropical Fortaleza, Brazil. I’d been warned about the quality of water and food I’d be consuming and several times I felt symptoms of intestinal bugs, but Reboot kicked it out, almost always in less than a day. A few of my friends, after seeing my results began using it too. Exodus is an apple cinnamon fiber drink that you mix with juice or water. It tastes a little gritty – but it sure beats feeling sick. And it soon became more valuable than gold, because a couple...

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Colds and Flus, Headaches and Sore Throat Are No Match for Exodus

Sweep Away Colds and Flus Thousands of families rely on Exodus Prebiotic Fiber Sponge to soak up aches and pains caused by oncoming infections, trigger foods or a sluggish bowel. Listen in as the Hendersons tell what they use it for and why they NEVER want to be without it!       “I love Exodus because whenever I have a bad day of eating or when I’m feeling a little sick I can always take some and it will alleviate whatever type of pain I’m experiencing: in my gut, or my throat, or my chest, or my head. Yeah, I...

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Allergies and Joint Pain

I can't say thank you enough! One week after starting Reboot and kicking refined sugar I felt like a whole new person. I was able to quit the NSAID habit completely because my joints no longer hurt, and for the last five months I have not caught a single viral illness. My headaches quit and my seasonal allergies were reduced to a mere sniffle. Almost immediately, I dropped 10 pounds and started to exercise again, which I hadn’t done because of illness, joint pain, and vaginal yeast infections. After being constantly sick, having no energy, addicted to sugar and several...

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Viral Infection, Dizziness, Pounding Heart

He feels better each day! After being treated with erythromyacin for several weeks to combat cambio-bactor infection and dengi fever after a trip to China, our son’s health just did not return to 100%. He began having strange symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, fever pounding or racing heartrate and bowel problems like constipation alternating with diarrhea. After 3 weeks in the missionary training center he came home on medical leave, ready to do anything necessary to get back out there and serve a mission. After 3 days on Reboot he’s seeing improvement as far as less dizzy. He feels better each...

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