Depression, Anxiety, Diarrhea and Extreme Weight Loss

Unwanted weightloss...

I began experiencing severe stomach issues while serving an LDS mission in France. I lost 40 pounds in a period of 6 weeks because of constant diarrhea and nausea. It became so severe that the decision was made for me to return home to the United States to seek further treatment. Suffering from severe anxiety, depression and insomnia only caused my symptoms to get worse. I lost another 5 pounds. My total weight loss was 45 pounds. Upon returning home I visited multiple doctors who all gave differing opinions as to what the problem could be. Gluten allergy, stress and IBS were a few diagnoses. After a series of tests, I still didn’t have an answer. Nothing was conclusive.

The doctors prescribed anxiety and depression meds and muscle relaxants for my gut. Even though I was faithful in taking the prescribed medications, my symptom’s seem to worsen. I became desperate for relief. I found the Reboot program through a family friend and was very skeptical at first. I had to be persuaded to try the 30 day program. I was surprised how quickly I felt relief. The first night I took Exodus I slept 12 hours. Within two weeks my intestinal discomfort was under control to the point where I was no longer afraid to leave the house. I also stopped losing weight.

I strongly recommend this program for those who suffer from any of the same symptoms I have described. I have been on the program for 6 weeks and have been able to stop taking the depression medication and have very little nausea or diarrhea now. I feel confident I will continue to heal and am grateful for being guided to this program.

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