Relief for Sleepless, Colicky Baby

He's doing phenomenally better in every way! 

Long story short, Tumtree may have saved my life! I’m a first-time mommy with a kiddo that just couldn’t handle foods without explosive yeast reactions. I signed up with a nutritionist prior to finding this but felt in my gut that it was only half the battle to work on his diet alone. By the time I found Tumtree, I was desperate and praying hard for the right solution to come.

Incorporating the Reboot regimen & supplements was exactly what my son needed. He went from excessively whiny all day with periodic food reactions including reflux, ending up in poor appetite, yeast diaper rashes, sleeplessness, acid diarrhea and skin rashes (he just didn’t feel good ever) to being his natural, happy little self with a great appetite!

After months of trying to switch him from his gerber good start gentle formula with no success (I tried raw cow milk, raw goat milk, almond milk, all to no avail!) and only 1.5 weeks into the Reboot regimen (after about 3 weeks of eliminating sensitive foods) he was able to get off formula without his typical horrid yeast diaper rash/acid diarrhea reaction!

He’s doing phenomenally better in every way and I have Tumtree to thank for it. We have further to go but we’re on the right track now and we’ll get there.

Also, we’re working our way through the Feel Good Cookbook and even my husband (junk food junky & pickiest man alive) appreciates many of the healthy recipes! 

I really appreciate how comprehensive the information is in the introductory portion of the cookbook. It all just makes sense.

  - Brin Novak,  Mountain Green  UT

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