Healing Fibromyalgia Fast

Autoimmune disease is linked with gut health

Bloating, IBS, pain, weakness and fatigue are part of nearly every case of autoimmune disease that evaporate quickly once the body gets just what it needs from our 5 step Protocol. Win the day over autoimmune disease as Leslie did. It’s your turn.



“Hi everybody. Leslie Wines here from Nevada. I want to share my story with you, with the Reboot program.

My husband and I are cattle ranchers, just the two of us are on the ranch.

I have suffered for the last 20 years with bloating and gas, constipation, just overall miserable from those. Food intolerances, dairy and gluten, other things too bothered me.  It didn’t seem to matter what I did, I always felt that way. I’ll felt like laying on the couch all day.  And on the ranch, you’ve gotta keep going and need to feel good.

So I tried this program for a whole month.  I didn’t feel that good during the whole month I was doin’ it, but I powered through it.

At the end of the month I got off it and I could NOT believe how good I felt. The cramping and the bloating were gone. And I was more regular, and that was just a miracle in itself.

The cool thing was, this Spring we started branding and roping.  And my husband came up to me and said, gosh, your roping is so much better, what’s goin’ on? And I said, well, I FEEL good.  I have more energy and strength. I’m not restricted with this cramped up stomach. I feel so good!

I’ve stayed on the probiotics. They have helped me so much.  And I am just really excited about it.  If any of you have issues like that, give it a try.  Because, how can you argue with SUCCESS?  There it is. You’ll feel good.

Good luck.  Thanks.” 

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