Natural Remedy for Nasal Congestion

Body Balance Liquid fixed my Nasal Congestion...

I was having problems with severe nasal congestion for about 3 months. I’d been to several different doctors who prescribed different medications (antibiotic and steroid) that all ended up not helping. I was so congested that I couldn’t breathe through my nose at all, and was having a hard time sleeping as a result. I have known Jonell for many years and asked her for ideas that could help.

The first thing I tried was a nasal spray she had me make from saline and Body Balance Liquid formula. I used about 4 Tbsp saline and 1 Tbsp Body Balance. I squirted that into my nose 3-5 times a day. My congestion was a little better by the next day and even better the day after that. I also did the Exodus 24 hour GI cleanse and after about 4 days felt much better.

I decided to do the full Reboot protocol and cut back on my sugar intake. I have been doing that for a week now and my congestion is almost totally gone. I am very happy with the results and appreciate Feel Good Foods for helping me through the process. Thanks so much!

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