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Jonell Francis

Step Medicating Fevers

Treat UTI without Antibiotics.   Hi, my name's Krista and I wanna tell you about my experience with my 3 yr old daughter who had a UTI. I took her into the doctor, they checked her urine, they tested her for COVID.  She had a fever that lasted for almost 5 days total. When I took her in, they didn't know what it was. They didn't feel comfortable putting her on antibiotics yet and so they cultured her urine and we were waiting on that coming back. After 4 days of fever I contacted Tumtree and asked what they'd do...

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Viral Infection, Dizziness, Pounding Heart

He feels better each day! After being treated with erythromyacin for several weeks to combat cambio-bactor infection and dengi fever after a trip to China, our son’s health just did not return to 100%. He began having strange symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, fever pounding or racing heartrate and bowel problems like constipation alternating with diarrhea. After 3 weeks in the missionary training center he came home on medical leave, ready to do anything necessary to get back out there and serve a mission. After 3 days on Reboot he’s seeing improvement as far as less dizzy. He feels better each...

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Thrush, Allergies and Yeast Infection

Bouncing back from birthing a Baby I can’t speak highly enough of the Reboot program from Tumtree. After my third baby was born I experienced three vaginal yeast infections in three months. And then my baby developed thrush, which ended up coming back to me. I realized we had a serious issue going on and needed to be proactive. I started the cleanse as soon as possible and within a short period of time the thrush was gone and I’ve had no further yeast infections. Not only that, my energy has returned; I’ve recovered from this pregnancy faster than my...

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