Herbed Omelette with Cherry Toms and Spinach

Herbed Omelet with Cherry Toms and Spinach (for 2)

Nothing says 'Good Mornin' like this fluffy omelet with sunny tomatoes and spinach. And with a good non-stick pan it's breakfast in a cinch. 4 eggs (separated for an extra fluffy omelet) Salt/pepper to taste Mix ins: cherry toms cut in half or quartered handful baby spinach leaves chopped green onion chopped ham or chicken for more protein (optional for sure) The secret to fluffy omelets is the effort you spend to "whip it good". 2 eggs will fluff up to feel like 4 with that little bit of love you invest. Separate yolks from the whites. Add a few shakes of salt to the yolks, scramble them with a fork and set aside. Then whisk the whites with a hand whisk until peaks form. (It's okay to take a rest break every 60 seconds. After all, this is loves labor.) Then gently fold the scrambled yolks into the whites and pour into an oiled frying pan. Sprinkle baby spinach leave and cherry toms on top and clap a lid on it to steam the veggies lightly. Let cook on medium heat until the bottom gets solid enough to fold in half (2-4 mins). Fold in half and serve.

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