Reviews — neuralgia

Nerve Pain After Antibiotic

Finally, a sensible remedy at a reasonable price. Six years ago a Dr. prescribed an antibiotic to treat an infection I was struggling with. His instructions were to finish the RX as specified and then keep it refilled for continued use at half the dosage to prevent recurring infections.  As a result after a short period of time I started having reactions to foods I had eaten all my life with no problems whatsoever.  Now I’m having extreme nerve pain, puffy watery eyes, stiff neck with pain up my neck into my scalp, unexplained lower back, leg and stomach pain,...

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Burning Feet, Muscle Cramps, Intestinal Gas

I'm So Glad it Stopped the Gas I’ve been on the Reboot for 18 days and am so glad it stopped the gas. I’m even having 2 bowel movements a day, which hasn’t happened in a long time. My blood sugars are improving, with one day in the 80’s. The best part of all is that I’ve not felt any burning on the bottoms of my feet, which I have had for the last 2 years (whenever I’m on them for more than a couple hrs). I am also delighted that the cramping in my calf muscles so far is...

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