Nerve Pain After Antibiotic

Finally, a sensible remedy at a reasonable price.

Six years ago a Dr. prescribed an antibiotic to treat an infection I was struggling with. His instructions were to finish the RX as specified and then keep it refilled for continued use at half the dosage to prevent recurring infections.  As a result after a short period of time I started having reactions to foods I had eaten all my life with no problems whatsoever. 

Now I’m having extreme nerve pain, puffy watery eyes, stiff neck with pain up my neck into my scalp, unexplained lower back, leg and stomach pain, interrupted sleep pattern, etc., etc.!) I have had daily debilitating pain and these same symptoms whenever I eat food for six years.

I have seen so many different Drs. since these symptoms began with NO diagnosis or relief! I feel like all my efforts seeking medical advice, my precious time, and money spent on dead end Dr. visits and prescriptions………have been WASTED!  My fear and frustration turned to despair. I thought I would never find a resolution for my extreme health situation.  Researching over the years on my own, I came across information on leaky gut and health issues and eventually Tumtree.

Finally!!! I have found a sensible remedy at a reasonable price and more importantly……a reason to feel hopeful.  I’m not yet 100% symptom free or back to the me of six years ago, but I feel that your products are helping me to get there.  My goal is to hopefully repair my leaky gut and eventually enjoy the GREAT health I had,…….before……ANTIBIOTICS RUINED my health!

Thanks again, Jonell and Tumtree!

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