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Relief for Sleepless, Colicky Baby

He's doing phenomenally better in every way!  Long story short, Tumtree may have saved my life! I’m a first-time mommy with a kiddo that just couldn’t handle foods without explosive yeast reactions. I signed up with a nutritionist prior to finding this but felt in my gut that it was only half the battle to work on his diet alone. By the time I found Tumtree, I was desperate and praying hard for the right solution to come. Incorporating the Reboot regimen & supplements was exactly what my son needed. He went from excessively whiny all day with periodic food reactions including reflux,...

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Baby Colic and Sleeplessness

My Baby Sleeps Through the Night Now! Judy Sorenson reclaims her sleep when baby Brady gets Body Balance Liquid to correct imbalance in his gut microbiota.    "Hello, my name is Judy. This is my baby Brady. He is 9 months old and I just wanna give a quick review of the Body Balance Liquid formula.  So, I've been talking with Jonell who's amazing and was very patient with coaching me. And she said, has Brady been sleeping through the night?" and I said No, he doesn't sleep through the night and he won't sleep through the night. And I'm not even...

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