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Constipation, Fatigue and Sugar Craving

Colon Cancer is a very real concern in my family. I’ve always had constipation issues, despite my manic workout schedule and high-fiber diets. I had my first colonoscopy at the age of 25 where doctors found several polyps. It wasn’t uncommon for me to go four or five days without a bowel movement. When I started 30 Day Reboot, I had no idea what a major difference it would make in my life. I have more energy, I don’t crave food like I used to, I lost 12 pounds in the first month, but best of all, I average two...

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Candida Cancer Connection

Fungal Infection and Cancer I spoke with you earlier this summer about my ailments and I had some things come up that prompted me to look up your website. First off… You were right on the money. Without taking any corrective measures my overall energy level has lowered even more, and over the last month my intestinal problems have been happening almost daily (the most bothersome being the physical distention I get every time I eat). Anyway, I had the chance to have my blood sample looked at under a microscope by a trained eye, and guess what? Yup. Yeast....

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Jonell Francis

Ovarian Cancer Gone

Ovarian Cancer Gone 4 years ago ovarian cancer took its toll on my body. Damage to my liver, gallbladder, kidneys and GI tract resulted from the chemotherapy administered.  I’d been given a grim 3 months to live when I found Tumtree. I went onto their program with all the hope I could muster. 6 weeks later at an MRI scan, not a trace of the cancer could be found. I was not only cured then, but still enjoy a healthy life due to these same products. I encourage everyone, young and old to take a look. Be empowered by understanding how vital...

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