Simple Fix for Baby Diarrhea

Who wants to deal with baby diaper blowout?


Hi, my name is Valerie and when my baby was 3 months old, she got put on antibiotics and after that her bowels were loose.  She was blowing out of her diapers when it was never a problem before.  And in the frustration of weeks of this happening I started thinking, what can I do to help her.  And that inside voice reminded me that the products from Tumtree which I had used before could help her.  So I gave her Body Balance Liquid, 1/2 teaspoon, and within 2 days her bowels regulated and she had normal bowel movements in her diaper.  And it was such a relief because who likes blowouts when you have a baby?  

It fixed her and she hasn't had any problem since. So anytime your child has to go on antibiotics and it messes with their gut, I think it's a really good option to take the Body Balance.  Thanks Tumtree! We really appreciate your products. 


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