My name is Jansen from the Philippines. I work as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist overseas. I was suffering from Eczema and some digestive problems for years and I tried just about everything you can think of to heal my Eczema from consuming garlic, coconut oil, to applying turmeric, aloe vera, argan oil and steroid creams on my skin. I ate bone broth and chlorella to help heal it but none cured it.

Some of what I tried actually made it worse.

Then I found the 5 Steps for Healing Leaky Gut and took a leap of faith and simply followed the protocol. It took around 30 days to heal my Eczema and I also found out that it helps lower my blood pressure which was amazing. What Jonell Francis has done is simply a blessing. I would definitely recommend the Tumtree products and the 5 step program to other people so that they can live a better life. Thank you.    

P.S.Keep doing the great work that you are doing because it really helps people get control of their lives and see some hope.  -- Jansen, Philippines

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