Healing Hashimotos Fast

Hypothyroid Autoimmune Condition

Jessica Walters on Healing Hashimotos, brainfog, candida overgrowth, IBS, sugar craving and fatigue. 


“Hi! My name is Jessica Walters. My experience with Tumtree's Reboot system has been amazing!  I have hyperthyroid autoimmune condition, Hashimoto's it's called.

So some of my symptoms when I started were brain fog, candida overgrowth, circulation problems in my feet and my hands were freezing, my gut was a mess, it would hurt and I would have a lot of problems. And I think my sugar cravings were on the high as well.

So, some of the things that I’ve noticed since I’ve been on it, it’s my 90-day mark since I’ve been on this system and I think one of the first things that I noticed was that my insides didn’t feel raw anymore. That was amazing for me!

I attribute that to the candida being killed off. After 30 days, the candida was virtually almost gone, occasionally I would feel something from it, but so much better than it was before. The brain fog was the next thing I noticed an improvement on. That improved a ton. I feel like my old self again which is amazing!

And then most recently I have noticed that my circulation has gotten better so if I turn the heater on to the temperature of 74, that’s what I usually put it at, it feels hot and I noticed when I get in bed, my hands and feet aren’t popsicles anymore. It’s really just been amazing!

Sugar cravings down, brain fog I would say is gone, insides feeling good, and candida kicked to the curb. So it’s really awesome and I look forward to continuing because I know that there’s even more good things to come from it.

If you're considering trying it, I would totally recommend it.  You don’t have anything to lose really, but wasting time.

So thank you for putting this system together, it’s amazing! Thank you!”

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