Reboot by Tumtree: 5 Steps to Vibrant Health

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When properly cleansed and nourished, your body has the intelligence to reboot its chemistry and return to balance.

For 30 days, refresh all your body systems with Reboot by Tumtree and see for yourself what the buzz is about.

1. Normalize the Bowel – Train your bowels to take the garbage out every day. When body toxins and metabolic waste have a way out of the body you’ll think more clearly, feel lighter and obtain more energy from the food you eat.

2. Remove Pathogens – Next, restore balance to all your mucous membranes by removing excess yeast, bad bacteria and other parasites. All bitter herbs have antifungal and antibacterial qualities. This blend beats them all.

3. Repair the Gut – The fastest way to heal damaged mucosal lining of the bowels, respiratory tract, urinary tract and reproductive system is to provide ample supply of the building blocks needed. Glutamine is responsible for muscle, joint and membrane repair. Cut your healing time in half by supplementing with this conditionally essential amino acid.

4. Restore friendly bacteria – Healthy mucous membranes rely on a robust population of friendly bacteria to protect them from invasion by unfriendly pathogens. Antibiotics, stress and use of steroid and NSAID drugs decrease your population of friendly flora and increase permeability of mucosal linings. Probiotic Blend introduces 10 billion new colonies of friendly bacteria from 8 different strains per day and target feeds micro-flora for higher survival and stronger implantation.

5. Nourish the body with proper nutrition – Never be hungry. Get faster, long lasting results from your Reboot by feeding your body lots of fresh vegetables, non-gluten grains, clean animal protein and one serving of fruit a day. The Feel Good Cookbook: Whole Food and Allergy-free Recipes offers sugar-free, diary-free and wheat-free recipes for real people on the go.

With these 5 objectives in place: daily bowel movement, cleansing unwanted pathogens from the body, repairing the damaged lining of the bowel and other mucous membranes, restoring a healthy population of friendly bacteria and offering your body proper nutritional support for wellness, we know you’ll be pleased with your Reboot experience.

We look forward to celebrating your own success story with you. Look and feel good again... guaranteed.  30 Day Reboot from Tumtree.  



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