Is Yeast Treatment Safe During Pregnancy or Nursing?

Is Yeast Treatment Safe During Pregnancy or Nursing?

How does Reboot from Tumtree compare with grocery store yeast treatments and is yeast treatment safe during pregnancy or nursing?

"I haven’t tried your Reboot cleanse yet, because I wasn’t sure if I had a yeast problem or leaky gut… well, now after being on antibiotics a week for sinus infection and even taking acidophillus, I still got a horrible yeast infection. So I’m wondering,

  • Do I need to treat the yeast infection with Monestat 7 and then do your Reboot cleanse, or do I just need Reboot?

  • Also, after completing the Reboot, when can we start trying to conceive without having problems?

Thanks so much for all your recipes and always answering my questions. --Amy"

30 Day Reboot from Tumtree

Like any conscientious mother, it's always good to educate yourself about what you bring into your body. If you are experiencing symptoms of yeast overgrowth or Leaky Gut Syndrome (scan a list), you'll want to do what's safe for your body and your baby to get relief.

I recommend using Reboot over grocery store or prescription antifungals. For one thing, it is a comprehensive approach to healing, and not just turning off a symptom. Secondly, unlike Monestat 7 it gets the overgrowth where it colonizes first–in the gut.

Back in the 1980’s JAMA, (Journal of the American Medical Association) ran their own studies and found that recurrent yeast infections always have a gut reservoir. Until you remove the imbalance of yeast and other pathogens from the gut, you will continue to have yeast problems pop up repeatedly.

Give yourself as long as it takes to clear your yeast symptoms. 30 days may be more than you need to clear a vaginal yeast infection but there are often chronic systemic symptoms connected with a leaky gut that can be alleviated by cleansing for a full 30 or more days. Learn which symptoms are yeast connected and as you cleanse, let your body be your guide.

Once you feel all your symptoms are gone, I recommend continuing 2 weeks longer as a maintenance measure and then discontinue the Body Balance capsules and try to conceive. Far better to remove excess yeast before becoming pregnant than attempting it during pregnancy. Your body will be much healthier and stronger both for conception and for the growing baby.

You can also reduce your risk of ADD/Autism, brain abnormalities, asthma, eczema, cradle cap, thrush, colic and bleeding diaper rashes in your new baby by cleaning up your own microbiome first. Once you are symptom free, no need to wait. You may conceive right away.



After the first trimester of pregnancy, it's okay to use Body Balance capsules for light cleansing (up to 3 days at a time) such as to clear a foggy brain, recurring headaches, urinary tract or vaginal infection, or other yeast related symptoms as you need it.

The herbs are not ocytocic–meaning they will not cause your uterus to contract bringing on early labor. But they are killers of pathogens (mold, yeast, bacteria, and even viruses) and because they are so powerful, they will be introducing these dead parasites and their metabolic byproducts into your bloodstream for removal from your body.

Whatever gets into your bloodstream will conceivable get into your baby, so I don't recommend taking any cleansing herbs on a regular basis throughout your pregnancy. If you do experience uncomfortable yeast related symptoms during pregnancy, use Body Balance Capsules for up to 3 days at a time and then discontinue for a week. For a deeper yeast cleanse lasting 30 days, I recommend waiting until after your baby delivers.



All of the Reboot supplements are safe to use while nursing your baby, with the exception of Body Balance capsules. These are the anti-pathogen agents that correct overgrowth of yeast, mold, fungus and other parasites in your microbiome.

So, although some of medicinal properties of these herbs will pass to baby through your milk to relieve symptoms like colic, thrush, cradle cap or eczema, die-off from your own cleansing will also pass through your milk to baby. So there's a fine balance to strike.

In the case of lactation, always let your baby be your guide as to whether your cleansing is benefiting them or is too much for them. If only baby needs yeast treatment, we offer a milder Liquid Body Balance formula made from vegetable glycerin that can be used by babies as early as a few weeks old.

If you can avoid cleansing until you are neither pregnant nor nursing, that is optimal. However, if either you or your baby are already uncomfortable with yeast related symptoms, you’ll want to do something about it.

I have found over the years that I can do about three days of systemic cleansing at a time before my baby becomes sleepless or crabby or gets a rash. These are all signs that baby is getting more toxins through your milk than their body can kick off.

If this happens, immediately stop taking the cleansing agent (Body Balance Capsules). Your baby will respond by returning to his/her former self. If it is only you that needs the treatment, consider expressing and freezing your breastmilk until you have a few weeks supply, then feed baby on this milk while throwing your cleansing milk out after the first day and a half of cleansing.

You may find as I have, that baby can handle one feeding a day at the breast (that really late at night one) and still feel fine as you cleanse.

Best to you, And hooray for more babies!


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