Lifehacks For Women - Pay It Forward!

Lifehacks For Women - Pay It Forward!

Our 18 yr old daughter Lynley and friends are prepping to launch out on their own in a few weeks, most of them off to college. When asked how I could help they chimed in “give us easy, healthy meals” “shortcuts for managing life…and everything else.” We called the project ‘Life Hacks For Women' and began collecting best ideas into a binder. I’m posting mine on Instagram @TumtreeLife for quick access.

Check out simple, fast, healthy eats at #lifehacksfood and other helps at #lifehacksforwomen. Years ago a girlfriend shared her system for keeping papers straight and off my counters. And it still works like magic today.

Another friend gave me permission to assign each of our kids a small daily job that keeps our whole house looking tidy everyday. What a gift! Where would I be without the women in my life???

I’m blessed by their Life Hacks hour by hour. I am still on the learning curve about most things, but I'm glad to share what works for me as a woman, homemaker and mom. You’ve got em too, you know you do...little shortcuts that save time, worry and work, or that ramp up your joy as you do what you do everyday.

Follow us on Instagram for easy healthy recipes and other Life Hacks in the weeks ahead. And if there’s a girl who’s helped your load be lighter, Like this post and share in the comments what she taught you and how it’s helped. We all have important knowledge and experience to share!

Healing at Home

WholeHealthChallenge: Pay it forward. Trust that what you send out will return to you multiplied. If you keep all that goodness to yourself, you ground the energy out, just like electricity. Keep love flowing to you by continually sending love out through you. You'll know the truth of this by how it feels.


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