How to use Vitamin C to Battle Bacterial and Viral Infection

Vitamin C therapy

Vitamin C therapy is the secret weapon that few of our mothers understood. We need only a small daily amount of it (less than 100 mg), UNLESS we’re fighting off infection. At that point, the body actually can absorb and make use of up to 200 times the Recommended Daily Allowance. To review a very encouraging recent study using vitamin C therapy on patients succumbing to Sepsis click here. 

I’m stocking supplemental Vitamin C in 2 forms - sodium ascorbate powder (provides fastest uptake and is inexpensive) plus liposomal vitamin C capsules (for great highest absorption, low agitation to the gut lining and convenience).

How to Do a Vitamin C Flush

To top off your body's stores of Vitamin C in order to give you maximum fight against infection, Take 1,000 milligrams Vitamin C every hour from morning til whenever you get a sloshy bowel movement ...usually by dinnertime. Then stop for today.

That’s your flushpoint or the maximum amount your body can absorb into your tissues. The next day, take 75% of the flush point amount in divided doses (every 1 or 2 hours spread evenly throughout the day. Do this over the next 4-5 days.

You’ll feel the effects as congestion breaks up and lungs become relieved throughout that first day. Keep going with the Vitamin C at intervals daily until you feel sloshy or until symptoms are all gone. This technique has worked wonders for acute respiratory infection in our big family and in our online community. Vitamin C fact sheet from NIH.


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