The Science Behind our protocol…

The human body is composed of connective tissue, most of it semipermeable mucous membrane which line the digestive tract, upper and lower respiratory tracts, reproductive and urinary tracts, brain and spinal column and every moveable joint in the body. Your mucousal linings rely on proper permeability and a robust population of good bacteria to keep you feeling vibrantly healthy.

When they lose their protective barrier, mucous membranes become home to opportunistic yeast, fungus and bad bacteria which increase their permeability, affect underlying muscle tone and function, and convert internal chemistry from oxygenation to fermentation. As a result patients feel brainfog, pain, fatigue, and gas.

By removing these pathogens, repairing the damage they’ve done to the membranes and restoring a healthy population of friendly bacteria, you can live pain-free and obtain the energy you deserve from the good food you eat.

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