Reversing Autoimmune Disease: Evaporating Scleroderma

Reversing Scleroderma

Last year I tested positive for an autoimmune disease called scleroderma (a speckled ANA pattern with a 1:320 titer, as well as positive for SCL-70 and had an anticentromere of >8.) I was really scared about what this meant for my future and the future of my family. There were frustratingly few answers to the questions I had. Not wanting to wait for the disease to progress before doing something for my body, I arranged a consultation at Tumtree.

Jonell explained the amazing correlation between reversing autoimmune disease and the state of the gut and even pointed to the warning signs I was having (migraines, fatigue, brain fog) as signals that my body was needing a change for the better. It made so much sense. I started taking the supplements in December and continued for four months straight (not once did I deviate from the prescribed foods as I wanted to know for certain if this could help my body).

I had one migraine the day I began, but have not had a migraine since. We’re talking seven months without migraines when I was getting a couple a week. How amazing is that?! Seriously, if nothing else happened, getting rid of my migraines alone was worth every penny. But more did happen. Slowly I began to notice my energy coming back. My weight began to normalize and my brain fog was beginning to lift. Another happy side effect was that my periods lightened up. Hallelujah! All of these things were wonderful, miraculous even, but I was much more concerned about the bigger picture. Would all this effort have any effect on my ANA or my scleroderma blood test results?

After four months on Reboot, I retested. My ANA was down to 1:160, I was SCL-70 negative and my Anticentromere was the same. In just four months ⅔ of my tests were showing improvement! I was ecstatic. No words!

I am so grateful for Tumtree! My transformation has been amazing. I look forward to taking the supplements and enjoying a healthier way of life. This stuff is gold!

I also want to add that the consultations with Jonell have been incredible. She was 100% committed to my recovery. She was dedicated to educating me and served as my own personal cheerleader. She helped me to see how I should have been treating my body all along, that I could be proactive about my health rather than reactive, and now I have a body I love to be in again!