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My gut works so much better!

Love this stuff!!! I've only been using it for a few months and it is making my gut work so much better! My husband started using it just a few weeks ago and now drinks it regularly.  He has suffered from tummy troubles just about his whole adult life. And now he is interested in trying the 30 Day Reboot together!  I'm excited to watch him heal more (psoriasis for one!) Mama @livingwiththenatives

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Tumtree During Pregnancy

I ordered Reboot a while ago and it was WONDERFUL! I have battled IBS and fatigue for YEARS and it has been GONE since I did the cleanse. My morning sickness was so much better than any of my other pregnancies too. I am 24 weeks pregnant now and am constipated. Although I can't do a full strength cleanse while pregnant, I’m so happy to learn I can use the Exodus and Glutamine as often as I want. Thank you for all you have done and all the research. This cleanse has been such a blessing to me and my...

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How to Heal IBS Naturally

Leaky Gut Secret.   Hello, my name is Laurel McFarland and I'd like to tell you about my Tumtree experience.  I have had digestive problems since my 20s. And it started with dairy products. Everytime I ate dairy products I as sick. And in my 30s gluten started bothering me.  By the time I'm in my 40s it didn't seem to matter what I ate, everything bothered me.  I was bloated all the time.  Tired, sick, I couldn't lose weight.  I tried diets. I tried exercise.  I did 3 day cleanses. 5 day cleanses. And I was losing hope that...

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Jonell Francis

Tumtree Helps Heal Giardia, IBS and Fatigue

When the antibiotics just don't work...   Hi, I'm Will Faulkner and I was diagnosed with giardia. So I went to my doctor who prescribed Flagyl, but a day after the symptoms all came back.  Stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea and fatigue.  I called my doctor again and he put me on a 14 day round of antibiotic again.  But all my symptoms came right back again then too. Gut cramps, fatigue and diarrhea. By now I'd lost a significant amount of weight. My energy levels were just super low.  I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to go on...

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